New Birth Company Birth Center Closing September 1st, 2024

We are very sorry to announce that New Birth Company, LLC Overland Park, Kansas will close as of September 1, 2024 due to unsustainable market conditions. Very simply, multiple insurance companies (Medicaid and Commercial) have failed to pay enough to cover expenses.  The last day of clinic will be Wednesday August 21st, and the last day to be admitted to the birth center will be Thursday, August 22. Our leadership team is fervently supporting a Wyandotte Safety Net Clinic in performing the needed due diligence to reopen a birth center in Kansas City, Kansas. Our goal is to provide continuity of care for all our clients. Every woman who is eligible for a Midwife Led Birth Center birth should have access to one. We appreciate that having knowledge of your options is important. You are encouraged to sign up for Monday’s virtual orientation session at 6pm to learn more. We will continue to send you emails, post information here on our website, and give virtual public updates every Monday evening. Either a Midwife or Administrator will reach out to you to assist you in supporting your care plans.

Sincerely Yours,
Veronica Mullet, MSN, APRN-CNM, FNP
 Grace Gilroy, MSN, APRN-CNM 
Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao, MSN, APRN-CNM 
Tyra Ruisinger, MSN, APRN-CNM
Amber Watts, MSN, APRN-CNM
Lindsey Wilson, DNP, APRN-CNM, Clinical Director 
Kendra Wyatt, Licensee, Chief Executive Officer