Cathy Gordon Co-Founder



Cathy Gordon is an authority on midwifery and birth centers, leading the creation of two birth centers serving low income populations in Kansas City. Prior to starting New Birth Company, Cathy was the Founder and CEO of Mercy and Truth Medical Missions free standing birth center and primary care safety net clinics. Cathy has experience with births in low resource settings such as Latin America, Africa and China. Cathy serves as adjunct faculty and teaches and writes on a variety of courses on issues effecting free standing birth centers. Cathy earned her B.S and M.S from the University of Kansas. Cathy is a certified RN, F.N.P.-BC, and C.N.M. She is the author of “All Babies Are Born,” a collection of global birthing stories. “The majority of American women only give birth 2 to 3 times during their lifetime. My commitment to the mother is to be her partner-in-birth at this unique physical rite of passage. Together we’ll create an Incredible Birth Day that she’ll treasure forever.”