China Mortell


China joined New Birth Company in 2016 and provides midwifery and well-woman care. She is an APRN-Nurse- Midwife in the State of Kansas. She has been a pediatric nurse for 13 years, with additional experience in women’s care including perinatal bereavement, prenatal, postpartum, and GYN care of women across the lifespan. China graduated with a Master of Science in Nursing from University of Kansas. China is married with 4 amazing little boys.

Currently, China is serving as the Clinical Director of New Birth Company in Kansas City, KS.

“I am passionate about empowering women, reminding families that birth is normal, and increasing awareness of the importance of caring for themselves in the “4 th trimester” (postpartum). Women do not need to be taught how to have a baby, they only need to be supported to trust in the knowledge of their bodies.”