Gazelle Lange


Hi – My name is Gazelle and I am a new member of the New Birth Company team.  I would like to introduce myself because you may not meet me during your prenatal appointments.  I have come aboard part-time and consider myself semi-retired.  My husband and I believe that a family is meant to be together, so we recently moved from Pennsylvania to help our family and enjoy our grandkids.  Both of my grandkids were born in a birth center.

I have been a midwife for over 40 years.  I would say my career path was decided after my own amazing home birth 44 years ago.  I was inspired to help women have the same kind of experience I had.  To make a very long story short, I have helped women with home births, birth center births as well as births in the hospital setting.  My heart, mind and hands embody the midwifery model of care.  I believe and trust in the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

I want to reassure you that even if we haven’t met before your delivery, I have complete confidence that we will be good friends by the end of your experience.  I will honor you and trust your decisions, helping you have the best possible experience.  I am confident in my ability to bond with laboring women and their families.

I am excited to be a part of this birth center family.   I have already attended a couple of births and they have been wonderful experiences.  I look forward to meeting lots of women and their families as they welcome their babies into the world.