New Birth Company is now offering both in-person and virtual classes. Our classes are open to all, regardless of delivery location. Grab a comfortable chair in your living room and join us for class online, or join us for in-person class in our spacious community room at our Overland Park Birth Center.

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Tour & Orientation to the Birth Center
Includes an overview of the midwifery model of care, New Birth Company philosophy for healthy, natural childbirth and tour of the birth center suites and facility amenities. After the tour, members of our staff are available to meet with you and answer your questions. Offered weekly.

Prenatal Nutrition Part 1- Nourishing for Two
Nutrition is foundational for a healthy pregnancy, and we ask all clients to take a nutrition class. In Part 1, you will learn how nutrition impacts your pregnancy, which foods to increase and avoid, the key nutrients for fetal development, and get healthy meal + snack ideas. 

Prenatal Nutrition Part 2- Nutritional Strategies for Success
Build on the foundations from Part 1. Learn how to use nutrition to prevent and manage specific pregnancy challenges. We will discuss strategies for increasing your iron levels, balancing your blood sugar, maintaining healthy blood pressure, improving digestion, and more. 

Postpartum Nutrition- Nourishing Beyond Baby
Learn how to nourish yourself in the postpartum period and beyond. We will cover the best foods for healing your body postpartum, how to prep meals to be ready after baby comes, nutrition for breastfeeding, supplements for baby + mama, and more.

Childbirth Education Part 1 – Labor and Birth
At New Birth Company, we believe natural childbirth is an awe-inspiring physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Therefore, our main goal through childbirth education is to encourage mothers to trust their bodies and train well for the natural process of labor and birth. In this class we will cover labor signs, stages and phases of labor, comfort measures, positions for labor and birth and so much more. We will emphasize ways to decrease stress, promote relaxation, and increase the odds of natural childbirth. 

Childbirth Education Part 2 – Beyond Birth
Women spend much of their pregnancies planning for their labor and birth. That is only the beginning. “Beyond Birth” will help prepare you for what happens after birth and initial recovery. Goals for this class include providing you with the confidence and skills necessary to care for yourself and your newborn at home. We will emphasize ways to help mother recover, bond with baby, and successfully establish breastfeeding. This class is the second class in a two part series.

Childbirth Education 3 Week Series 
The same content as Childbirth Education Parts 1 and 2, taught in a 3 hour format one evening per week, for 3 weeks. 

Childbirth Refresher

New Birth Company’s refresher class is offered to mothers who have had a previous out-of-hospital birth or a hospital birth without medicinal pain management such as an epidural. We will review natural labor and birth, how to manage the discomforts of labor & birth, and the role of your family and our staff during this time. In addition, we will review care of you and baby immediately after birth, our follow-up plan and surviving the first 48 hours at home.

The Use of Water in Labor and Birth
Women are encouraged to labor in water to ease contractions and to help center their minds on the work of natural childbirth. New Birth Company’s birth suites each have tubs for hydrotherapy and can enable water birth. Topics for discussion in this class include: the benefits of hydrotherapy, common positions for labor and birth in the water and how to best work with your midwife for safety and comfort. Clients seeking to labor in water or enable water birth at New Birth Company are required to attend this class. Please complete in conjunction with or after attending childbirth preparation classes. This class is offered multiple times a month.

Sibling Preparation
This class is designed for siblings, parents and sibling support persons who are planning to be present during the labor and birth. Topics will include how babies grow, preparing for birth, rules and behavior for involvement in birth, how do babies get out, what will be your role during mom’s labor, how do mom’s act in labor and how you can help with a new baby. If possible, plan to have the support person who will be responsible for your child during labor join us for the class.

Introduction to Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness
Natural Family Planning/Fertility awareness refers to a set of practices used to determine the fertile and infertile phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Fertility awareness methods may be used to avoid pregnancy, to achieve pregnancy, or as a way to monitor gynecological health. In this class, each couple will learn how to observe, record and interpret signs of fertility including cervical mucus, basal body temperature, basic cervical changes and cycle length. Special situations that may affect Natural Family Planning such as recent pregnancy and breastfeeding will be discussed as time allows. One registration includes both members of the couple. 

Preparing for Lactation
Lay a foundation for a healthy breastfeeding journey. Topics includePrenatal nutrition, bras, breast changes, initial latch, feeding cues, engorgement, how to tell if baby is getting enough to eat, positions, troubleshooting common issues, pumping, returning to work, and bottle feeding. Offered monthly.


Pelvic Rehab
The class will review the anatomy/physiology of the postpartum woman, with an emphasis on the low back, pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. It will also include discussions on posture, body mechanics, back pain, incontinence, pain with intercourse, vaginal/pelvic/tailbone pain, etc. Recommendations will be provided on how to remedy these issues and attain good spinal and pelvic fitness after giving birth. Both vaginal and cesarean births will be addressed. Offered quarterly.

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Virtual Mom’s Support Group

All mom’s welcome!

Join us monthly to connect with other moms and hear from inspiring guest speakers. This group provides a way for moms to share their joys and concerns, chat about pregnancy, postpartum and baby, and find encouragement. This group meets monthly. RSVP on our Eventbrite page to receive a Google Meet link for mom’s group.


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