Covid 19 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


How many support people can I have with me at Birth ? 

We allow Mom to bring 4 people to support her at birth. (Any combination of your Spouse, Partner, Doula, your Mom, your photographer). Clients and Guests will continue to be screened prior to entering our facilities. We are asking that no more than 10 people be in the community room and visitors may be asked to remain in the birth room during the birth. The midwife will direct social distancing of Guests. 


What is the Mask Policy ? 

We ask that all Clients and Guests wear a mask to the clinic visits. (if needed one will be provided) The birthing Mom isn’t required to wear a mask during labor and birth; all of her support persons do need to wear masks.


Where are Classes and Tours? 

We continue to hold Orientation, Community Room Mom’s Group & most Childbirth Education Classes virtually. Link to ALL classes: Click Here


Covid 19 - June 29th Update