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Our goal at New Birth Company is to give you as much information as we can to help you make the BEST decisions for you and your baby… We hope that this is a helpful tool for you to use and share with your friends. Please remember as you peruse books and websites that although they might be listed here, there may be things that we would not recommend for your care on an individual basis. Keep us involved in your decisions or if you have any questions about content from the following resources. 

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Why Choose a Freestanding Birth Center?

The following articles and studies might help you decide whether or not New Birth Company would be a good choice for you! Combine reading this compelling information with a virtual tour at our facility (every Monday at 6:00pm) decide what’s best for you and your baby.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy

Pregnant Women have a choice when it comes to receiving a Covid-19 vaccination.  We suggest our Moms review this decision making guide and talk to the Midwives at your visit.  We support true informed consent. “

Access to Covid-19 vaccines vary based on where you work and where you live.

Kansas:  https://www.kansasvaccine.gov/      

Missouri: https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/