Our goal at New Birth Company is to give you as much information as we can to help you make the BEST decisions for you and your baby. There is no one “right” way to go through pregnancy, birth, and parenting. We simply believe in providing you with the resources to make informed choices, each step of the way. 

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We are committed to creating a new paradigm in childbirth. The midwifery model of care is one that puts you and your family at the center of every interaction. Get started with a virtual tour at our facility (every Monday at 6:00pm) to see the difference for yourself.

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Covid-19: Protect Your Birth

To protect our Moms, Babies, and Staff, we ask our community to take the following precautions against Covid-19 and other infections illnesses.

  • Masks are encouraged but optional for clinic visits and classes. Staff will continue to support your informed choices on whether to mask, and will continue masking during your appointments is that is your preference.
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19 including sore throat, cough, or fever, please call the Midwife On-Call number before your normal visit appointment to ask if you should be seen virtually.
  • We suggest you order the free Covid-19 tests available from the US Postal Service. We encourage testing after a known exposure or if experiencing any symptoms.
  • We ask that you limit support persons to 4 (in addition to mom). 
We know that these guidelines may need to change as the situation around us evolves. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

Last Updated September, 2022

Commonly Asked Questions

Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy

Pregnant Women have a choice when it comes to receiving a Covid-19 vaccination.  We suggest our Moms review this decision making guide and talk to the Midwives at your visit.  We support true informed consent. 

Access to Covid-19 vaccines vary based on where you work and where you live.

Kansas:  https://www.kansasvaccine.gov/      

Missouri: https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/