Welcome back, mama.

You have walked these halls and made some incredible memories in these rooms. Welcome back, and congratulations on your growing family!

What may have changed since you were here last…

Have you seen our new birth pool? 

The Contemporary Room was remodeled in 2021 with a larger, state-of-the-art active birth pool. This birth pool allows for deeper submersion and a wider variety of birthing positions.

Meet the new staff!

We have welcomed new midwifes, receptionists, and educators onto our team. Meet them Here!

Your next steps…

     1. Check out our new Prenatal Nutrition Class series. We ask all clients to take Prenatal Nutrition as early as possible to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy. This class is free and offered virtually. Sign up here.

     2. Request an appointment by filling out the form below. We do ask that you use this form to update personal and insurance information. Someone will be in touch to schedule you soon.

     3. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns. You can call us at 913-735-4888. 

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