While the words “birth center” are a core part of our identity, the midwifery model involves caring for people holistically, at all stages of life!

Some choose to use a midwife for their primary gynecological care because of the trusting, intimate relationships they built during their pregnancy and birth. Others are simply drawn to the un-rushed appointment times, genuine relationship building, and holistic model of care that a midwife can offer. 

Well-Woman Care can include:

  • Annual physical exams
  • PAP smear and other preventative screenings
  • Breast exams
  • Family planning, including Fertility Awareness education, hormonal / non-hormonal birth control options and prescriptions
  • Menstrual cycle health coaching
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection education and treatment
  •  Holistic wellness including mental and emotional health support, nutrition, exercise, and other preventative health care.

Set up an appointment today to learn more. Well-Woman appointments can be made by calling 913-735-4888.