About Us

About Us

Every woman deserves an Incredible Birth Day©.

New Birth Company’s fundamental purpose is to transform the birth experience through innovation and women’s economic power. We offer women and their families a contemporary natural childbirth experience that is safe, beautiful and affordable. We provide:

  • A high-performing, free-standing birth center
  • Midwifery, Pre-Conception, Well Woman, and Child Birth Education Services
  • Connection to complementary service providers: Doulas, Massage, Chiropractic, Nutrition & Fitness
  • Natural products for Mother and Baby

At New Birth Company we believe we are in an era of renaissance or “rebirth” of natural childbirth. We aren’t reverting to the past where women died of untreated complications, but entering a period of “new-birth” where contemporary natural childbirth is revered. We believe in creative capitalism that competes to provide the best natural childbirth experience for women and their families and passing on the benefits to those less fortunate than us.

Our History

New Birth Company was formed to offer safe, holistic natural childbirth and the birth center concept to women in our own community. The company’s roots started several years ago when the founders met. Inspired by an earlier visit to a birth center in Haiti, a pregnant Kendra searched for a natural childbirth setting to deliver her baby. Her search led her to Cathy, a midwife entrepreneur who had started the first birthing center in Kansas City. Immediately they found common threads; Cathy had experience observing birth practices across twenty different countries including Haiti, Kenya, and China.

The tapestry began to develop during Kendra’s pregnancy visits with Cathy, her midwife and partner-in-birth. Conversations between the two entrepreneurs initiated and focused on the need for more natural birth options and birthing centers in the United States. They agreed that midwifery and birth center care not only empowered women but also increased women’s access to education, advocacy and normal birth. The visions grew to expand birth centers across America, advocating for best practice midwifery, and to support struggling birth centers with consultation.

In 2014, New Birth Company was recognized by the State of Kansas Department of Commerce as its Woman-Owned Professional Business of the Year.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

To establish and advance high performing birth centers that give back to the communities they serve.

Our Values

We believe integrity is consistently providing safe, natural childbirth care all the time, every time. We earn our clients trust by delivering what we promise. Our motivation is long-term improvements in birth outcomes driven by daily actions. Our values for our associates, providers and suppliers are detailed in the New Birth Company code of ethics.

We believe excellence is an outcome that can be measured. We uphold the highest standards of care, national certification, and state licensure where available. We believe that quality is achieved by on-going evaluation and improvement of our service delivery. We will learn from our mistakes and from the learning of others. We believe in high-performing teams, each member working in concert to achieve optimal birth outcomes.

We believe in using our resources well and being good stewards of our bodies, environment and families. Using natural products and avoiding toxins promotes healthy living, healthy community and healthy environment. Simply stated, we believe in natural birth. Less intervention, less materials, less contrived substances, more natural, local products with ingredients we recognize.

We value the birth community. We support a strong community of birth professionals working together to improve birth outcomes. We value relationships that connect this community across economic, ethnic, religious, and geographic divides.

Our Founders

Every woman deserves an incredible birth day.

Our Founders

Catherine Gordon, CNM
Co-Founder, New Birth Company L3C
Cathy, an entrepreneur healthcare provider, has led in the creation of many birth centers. Prior to starting New Birth Company, Cathy was the Founder and CEO of Mercy and Truth Medical Missions free-standing birth center and primary care safety net clinics for 17 years. She has served in healthcare since 1982, starting as an LPN in rural Kansas. Cathy has served in over 40 countries globally, including Latin America, Africa, and China, bringing a variety of cross cultural flare to our birth center. Cathy also serves as adjunct faculty and teaches and writes on a variety of courses on issues effecting free standing birth centers.

Cathy earned her B.S and M.S from the University of Kansas. Cathy is a certified RN, F.N.P.-BC, and C.N.M. She has received many awards including the first recipient of Ingram’s Heroes in Health Care, Kansas City Shining Star Award from the Maternal Child Health Coalition, and received the March of Dimes Future of Nursing Award. She is the author of “All Babies Are Born,” a collection of global birthing stories.

“The majority of American women only give birth 2 to 3 times during their lifetime. I love serving women and their families. Together we’ll create an Incredible Birth Day’s that she’ll treasure forever.”

Kendra Wyatt
Co-Founder, New Birth Company L3C
Kendra brings 15 years of experience in transforming healthcare through new business development, the use of disruptive marketing strategies, and information technology. Kendra worked at Cerner Corporation before joining Cathy in starting New Birth Company. She has experience consulting with clients on electronic medical records, health information exchange, and population health.

Mother of two children, Kendra chose natural childbirth at a free-standing birth center, and champions the pregnant mother’s role in our society. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa. Kendra speaks on issues effecting women, the poor, and the role that disruptive innovation will play to improve health outcomes. Her latest presentation was “What Women Want,” at the National Institute for Healthcare Incentives in Washington, D.C.

“Women have the social and economic power to change the future. Women will choose to improve the health of our own babies, our community and the world through the act of birth and the natural childbirth lifestyle. We deserve better and we have the money to pay for it. I believe New Birth Company will contribute to making a better world for my children and grandchildren.”