Accreditation Success!

No requirements requested by accreditation reviewers— rather they gave us a commendation for our Quality Review.   Incredible Birth days! Why would you go anywhere else?

The Growing Temptation of C-Sections

NPR Science Friday highlights the paradox of the dramatic doubling of world rate of Cesarian Sections. Midwives and the Birth Center model surrounded by our highly-coordinated community of care (Obstetricians, Maternal Fetal Medicine, & Neonatologists) is one key solution to this problem. Why Are More Expecting Mothers Having C-Sections Deliveries?

Midwives Deliver

New Birth Company celebrates the close of National Midwifery Week by launching a new billboard, “Midwives Deliver Incredible Birth Days”.   Mothers give Birth.  Midwives catch babies.  As overheard at this week’s American Association of Birth Centers conference, “Moms and Babies are not Pizzas” Our Midwives strive to support Mom & her family to experience her...