It takes a village.

Postpartum is traditionally defined as the first 3-6 months after birth, but recently that definition as been expanded to recognize the postpartum period as a full year after the birth of baby.

We would like to expand that even more. 

We believe in forever postpartum.

We were never meant to parent alone. Whether you are 1 week, 6 months, or 10 years postpartum, we believe in continued community support for mothers and families.

If you are in need of support, you can always start by calling us at 913-735-4888. We may be able to support you directly, or can connect you with a community resource that can.

Here are some recommended community resources to grow your village.

  • Cesarean section scar mobilization
  • Variety of postpartum fitness programs
  • Pelvic floor stability program
  • Free content on Instagram page
  • Prenatal / Postpartum fitness + nutrition content
  • Free diastasis recti exercise program
  • Free postpartum workout plans
  • Diastasis Recti plan
  • 24/7 Support Line available

913- 677-1300

  • Specializes in prenatal + postpartum anxiety and depression


  • Counseling + parent support
  • Support groups

  • Reduced cost therapy sessions

Dr. Jess Bohlke

  • Prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric care

Dr. Haley Wrisinger

  • Women’s health, pediatric, prenatal, + postpartum care

Dr. Jenna Voegeli

  • Prenatal, postpartum, pediatric, and family care

WIC Program- nutrition + food resources for moms and children



  • Local breastfeeding support groups + education
  • Home visits to support early childhood development and learning
  • Free program with coaching, classes, and community for parents of any age
  • Open Facebook group
  • Coffee Talks every other month- online chats about real parenting challenges