I would posit that this is one of the best places to have a baby. The people here are kind, patient, and understanding. Their philosophy of pregnancy as a natural process and not a disease is a refreshing perspective in our current healthcare system. Many thanks to the very helpful and patient midwives who helped my wife through labor and delivery!
Cameron B.
My wife has delivered 3 of our 5 babies at NBC Overland Park. We are so grateful to have this portal from heaven so close to home. After having 2 previous hospital births, we have learned a lot about the evolution of conventional delivery interventions and their consequences for the health of mother and baby. NBC provided exactly what we were looking for after being discouraged from the excess medical interventions of the hospital setting. Much love and gratitude to the employees at New Birth Company!
Kelly B.
Amazing place. They realy care about moms and babies. The atmosphere is very peaceful and comfterable. We had our baby here in may and would reccoment to anyone.
Robert K.
My husband and I delivered our third baby here. We had such an amazing experience from day one with New Birth. The nurses and midwives are so welcoming. Our delivery had a few complications at the end and the midwife we had handled everything with grace. We are so grateful we found this place and would highly recommend it to any soon to be mother❤️
Emily S.
Had our baby girl here and it was a wonderful experience. They listened to what I wanted and helped me achieve all my birth goals including no medication, no tearing, possibility of a water birth. We will definitely be back for our future second baby.
Coreen C.
I can't recommend them enough! I had a wonderful pregnancy and labor with them. They are very focused on the pregnant woman and caring for her, her family, and her baby. I felt safe, respected, and nurtured. I loved being able to go home the day I had my son and start our little family. I still go back for mom's group because I enjoyed my experience so much.
Madison H.