We just had our first baby here and we cannot speak highly enough of our experience. Prenatal care was thoughtful and thorough yet not overwhelming or time consuming. The nurses, midwives, and our doula is what I really want to give my highest praises to. Each of them played such a crucial part in empowering me to have a natural and successful birth; giving me control over decisions and teaching me how my body knows what to do and how to connect with my body in the most unbelievable way. We arrived when I wasn’t quite ready to be admitted but thankfully, we met our doula, Nadah, there at 11pm which was an enormous help. Nadah has a close relationship with the midwives at New Birth and she is the doula they suggested we hire. Upon finding out that we weren’t quite ready to be admitted for active labor, we were able to stay and got to spend time working with Nadah in a very relaxed and serene environment she has created in her massage room at the center. This helped my early labor phase progress quickly into active labor. Natasha was our midwife and her patience, genuine care, and skills is what enabled me to endure and succeed in natural birth after several hours of pushing. Natasha is so kind and gentle, professional and wise and was so attentive to my verbal and non verbal cues throughout my labor. She was just absolutely incredible and I would hands down want her at our next birth. And our nurses, Kennedy and Kristen, were there for it all and were very personable and attentive to my and our baby’s needs throughout our stay and answered any questions we had before going home. Then even after being home, the postpartum nurse, Holly, came to visit and she is wonderful and even helped me work on getting my breast milk supply to come in. It was so helpful to have her visit us after taking home our first newborn baby. And I’ll finish by adding that I scheduled a postpartum massage with Nadah rather than prenatal massage and I can’t suggest that enough. Since she was also our doula, she knew exactly what my body went through and we also ended by having a follow up conversation to process the birth and celebrate together the miracle of life. My husband and newborn boy were allowed to join us and Nadah was very flexible and we could pause my massage if I needed to nurse. All of that is to say, I truly can’t recommend New Birth and Nadah enough!!
Stephanie M.
Wow. I don’t even know where to start. I’m still at a loss for words about the birth of my son. It was the absolute most spiritual and empowering thing I will ever do and I’m damn proud to be a woman and beyond blessed to be a mama. For as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to have an all natural birth but when I discovered water births it was a no brainer. Water has always been extremely significant to me. My mama Christy Chrisman named me Mni because water is so powerful and life giving. I wanted to name my son after water too, hence the name Wake. He’s so so so strong and powerful and the name couldn’t fit him any better. He’s a fighter. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a whole year with no luck. We then went to the OBGYN for help. They told us it wouldn’t be easy and they wanted to start us on medicine and treatments. We were devastated to say the least. The following week I found out I was pregnant! He’s been a fighter since day one. And on the 29th of January we were both warriors. I cannot say it enough but we had the best birth team EVER. My husband helped me through every single contraction for 12 whole hours. My mom gave me lots of encouragement and brought me lots of comfort. The waiting room was full of our family eager to meet Wake. Bergen Cooper took some beautiful photos that will will cherish for years to come. My sweet friend Jessica Colston Guerra and her husband gifted me Denise Nadah Cartmill’s Doula services, and let me tell you she is AMAZING. My midwife had so much knowledge about Native American women and babies, as she had spent some time on a few reservations delivering babies. My nurse Emily was phenomenal, you could tell how passionate she is about her job and made me feel so comfortable the entire time. The whole staff at New Birth Company Kansas City, Kansas is absolutely AMAZING, I cannot imagine my birth to have taken place anywhere else. It was truly the most amazing experience and I am forever grateful I got to experience pregnancy and delivery, it is something I will never take for granted. Wake Chrisman Cooper the world is yours buddy 🌊🤍
Truly C.
I couldn’t recommend this place more highly. I transferred to New birth pretty late in my pregnancy. I was planning on going the hospital route (even though I hated it the first time) because I didn’t believe I could give birth without an epidural. If I can do it; you can do it. Trust me. I was horrible. I have horrible scoliosis and I felt like the baby was breaking my back. I’m sure I was the loudest most obnoxious patient ever, but they never made me feel that way. In the hospital I was yelled at. I was rushed. They ignored every part of my birth plan. At new birth I was supported. I was cheered on. I was told my body would let me know when it was time to push. I was given precious family time. I wasn’t confined to a bed. I got to go home hours after delivering and have a nurse come to our home. Every bad thing about giving birth in a hospital; this place is the opposite. Someone is always there to answer the phone. There are no surprise bills. Hell, they even made me brownies. You should give birth here. For real. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made..
Danielle S.
I just gave birth at New Birth Overland Park for the second time, two weeks ago. My first experience, I was able to transfer over from an Ob at 33 weeks and I never regretted that decision. The care was immediately more personal, they listened to my concerns & I had an amazing and supported natural birth. With my most recent pregnancy, I started care right at the beginning. At my 20 week ultrasound we found out there were some issues and I had to also see a MFM. At one point I didn’t know if I’d be able to deliver at new birth and the midwives were so supportive and comforting, letting me know they weren’t going to leave my side even if I had to deliver in the hospital. They truly fought for me & with me during this pregnancy and I will never forget it. I’ve never felt so supported in a pregnancy. My birth was so empowering, Veronica was my midwife. She allowed me to trust my body to decide when to push. She was comforting, answered my questions and made sure to get my consent before doing anything. The support surrounding me by Veronica & my nurses was incredible. They all stayed close while I labored, my labor was fast and hard. The reassurance I received throughout, when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore really pushed me to keep going. Natasha, Emily, & Katie also gave me so much support and I am forever thankful for them. I can’t recommend this birth center enough, this is the care that women and families truly deserve during such an intimate time in their lives. Thank you New Birth for these opportunities. My first 2 births were hospital births and I felt like a chore and a job rather than a patient/ new mother. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to have care at New Birth again in a few years.
Raven C.
I would posit that this is one of the best places to have a baby. The people here are kind, patient, and understanding. Their philosophy of pregnancy as a natural process and not a disease is a refreshing perspective in our current healthcare system. Many thanks to the very helpful and patient midwives who helped my wife through labor and delivery!
Cameron B.
My wife has delivered 3 of our 5 babies at NBC Overland Park. We are so grateful to have this portal from heaven so close to home. After having 2 previous hospital births, we have learned a lot about the evolution of conventional delivery interventions and their consequences for the health of mother and baby. NBC provided exactly what we were looking for after being discouraged from the excess medical interventions of the hospital setting. Much love and gratitude to the employees at New Birth Company!
Kelly B.
Amazing place. They realy care about moms and babies. The atmosphere is very peaceful and comfterable. We had our baby here in may and would reccoment to anyone.
Robert K.
My husband and I delivered our third baby here. We had such an amazing experience from day one with New Birth. The nurses and midwives are so welcoming. Our delivery had a few complications at the end and the midwife we had handled everything with grace. We are so grateful we found this place and would highly recommend it to any soon to be mother❤️
Emily S.
Had our baby girl here and it was a wonderful experience. They listened to what I wanted and helped me achieve all my birth goals including no medication, no tearing, possibility of a water birth. We will definitely be back for our future second baby.
Coreen C.
I can't recommend them enough! I had a wonderful pregnancy and labor with them. They are very focused on the pregnant woman and caring for her, her family, and her baby. I felt safe, respected, and nurtured. I loved being able to go home the day I had my son and start our little family. I still go back for mom's group because I enjoyed my experience so much.
Madison H.