The Internet is an incredible gift when looking for information about pregnancy and childbirth. However, we want to direct you only to websites that have the highest regard and standards of care for your body and your baby. It is easy to get lost in different websites and not know what information to trust. Start with these! And if you ever read anything that sparks a personal fear or question in you, please bring that issue to your midwife for further guidance and we will process together…

Family Planning, Pregnancy, and Childbirth Websites

Contraceptive Efficacy

Family Planning: Things to Consider

American College of Nurse Midwives

American Association of Birth Centers

American Pregnancy Association

Spinning Babies – Labor is worth waiting for! To ensure that you go into labor as close to your actual due date as possible you might want to look at the spinning babies website. Spinning babies information is designed to help your body and your baby with optimum positioning for birth.

Miles Circuit – This website also details a series of simple positions that can help encourage baby to be in the best position possible – may be used prenatally as well as in labor.

Penny Simkin

Childbirth Connection

Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy – This helpful tool allows you to calculate based on your prepregnancy weight and height, an appropriate amount of weight gain as you grow your baby. With suggestions about how to achieve weight-related goals – before, during, and in-between pregnancies – this website can help you take one step closer to success!

Doulas of Greater Kansas City

Doulas of North America International

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

March of Dimes

Science and Sensibility – Helpful research blog about healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Aviva Romm – Website of Yale-trained physician who specializes in integrative medicine for women and children – a leader in the midwifery movement and holistic living.

For consideration with pregnancy loss: Still Birthda

Postpartum, Breastfeeding and Newborn Websites

The Pregnancy and Postpartum Resource Center – Center of great support with 24-7 hotline for help, located in Overland Park, Kansas.

Postpartum Support International

Dr. Jack Newman – This is the official website of Dr. Jack Newman, a Canadian physician who is known for specializing in breastfeeding support and advocacy. A wonderful resource to answer even the trickiest of breastfeeding questions!

Kelly Mom: Parenting, Breastfeeding

La Leche League International

International Lactation Consultants Association

American Academy of Pediatrics

Vitamin K – CDC Recommendations