Nora Elizalde



Nora comes to New Birth Company from the Oklahoma Panhandle on a mission to provide excellent prenatal and maternal health care to Kansas City and the surrounding communities.   Nora first obtained her ADN form the Oklahoma State University and her BSN from the Oklahoma Panhandle State University.  Later she attended Georgetown University in D.C. for her Certified Nurse-Midwifery, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, and Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees.   Nora has extensive experience providing care for women in their reproductive age. She believes that providing care for women is essential. She provides care for laboring, birthing women, and newborns using the nurse-midwifery management process while incorporating cultural influence and psychosocial factors that help women adjust to pregnancy, motherhood, and reproductive life issues.  Nora has been happily married for 27 years, has two handsome sons, two beautiful grandsons, and a wonderful daughter-in-law who is expecting her third baby (A GIRL!!!).