Dramatically increasing the number of birth centers.

New Birth Company believes our country needs more free-standing birth centers. Small towns, urban and suburban neighborhoods are investigating how to return safe natural childbirth to their communities. We can help with:

  • Birth Center Consulting and Management Services
  • Opening a New Birth Company birth center

Consulting & Management Services
The practice of midwifery is a vocation and inspiring field of work. The time required to manage a birth center is a barrier to expansion of services and replicating facilities. New Birth Company provides boutique consulting and managed services for free-standing birth centers. We help our clients develop high performing birth centers, assist birth centers in meeting state and national accreditation requirements, and optimize performance for long-term sustainability. New Birth Company provides value to its clients in the areas of natural child birth marketing to employers, facility design, revenue cycle, and midwifery staffing assistance. Whether you are seeking to return birth to your community or expand your services, New Birth Company can help you.

Opening a New Birth Company Birth Center
Even in economic downturns, women continue to have babies. More women and families would choose out-of-hospital birth if a dedicated facility were available. Mothers are discriminating consumers who are not only knowledgeable about childbirth, but expect a better overall experience. Many midwives would prefer to focus on women and babies, versus the details of running a small business. Replicating a proven model is a strategy for a midwife and her investors to get started in business for themselves as part of a network. We’ll provide you replicable elements such as facility design, staffing models, and products, along with management, clinical, and business system support.

As a New Birth Company birth center, you will be at the forefront of the birth center movement, setting the standard for contemporary natural childbirth. You will have the support of an experienced team to help you succeed in the midst of healthcare reform and changing consumer preferences. Learn more about the advantages of operating a New Birth Company birth center by asking for a Request for Consideration packet. Use our online contact form to start the conversation, or send us an email expressing your interest.

This material does not constitute an offer of a New Birth Company birth center franchise. A franchise can only be made after receipt of a Franchise Disclosure Document.