Celebrating your BIRTH days

At New Birth Company we choose to celebrate Mom’s “BIRTH” day.  Today is one of my two “birth” days and it got me wondering how our Moms are continuing to remember their special day.   Some ideas…

  1. Tell your Birth story.  Remember the details….what were you doing when you went into labor? Who was there?  Who was your Midwife and your Nurse?  Your kiddo will feel special every time they hear about you winning your race.
  2. Visit or drive by your Birth Center.  At New Birth Company, we host a yearly homecoming to help you achieve this.  2017 Homecoming is Sept 24, at noon.
  3. Create your own personal version of your “Birth” day cake or cobbler.  I spent 3 weeks creating a Black Forest Cake to celebrate my Mom and Daughter’s Birth day.  It was my special memory to remember the sweet smell of sucess  chocolate cake smelled at 2am.