Family Birth is Back

Letter to our Clients: Family Birth is Back
Dear New Birth Company Client,  

The Kansas State Motto is “Ad Astra Per Aspera” (To the Stars Through Difficulty”) and also the inspiration for the State of Kansas Coronavirus Reopen Plan. Concurrent with Ad Astra: Phase 2, we are pleased to announce that starting Monday, May 18, 2020;

Mom, you can have up to 4 support persons at Birth.  Giving birth is a momentous event. We are meant to have the people that love us supporting us. Your Spouse, Partner, Doula, Sister, Grandma/Grandpa, or Birth Photographer are welcome (Mom + 4).  Children 12 and up may attend with supervision. The Midwife will guide social distancing based on the number of persons in the Birth Center; be prepared for your guests to stay in the birth room. Please stay home if you have any symptoms or questions regarding your exposure to Covid-19.  Mom may bring one guest (plus Baby) with her to prenatal, newborn and post-partum appointments. Please continue to keep children under 12 at home. 

Fear Not. Birth Center Design Supports Safety and Relationships at the same time.   

·       All staff, clients and visitors are pre-screened prior to entering our facilities.

·       Masks required.  We ask that all Clients and Guests wear a fabric mask to your clinic visits. Mom does not need to wear a Mask during labor and birth; all of her support persons do need to wear masks.

·       We balance welcoming your birth support team, social distancing and not exceeding capacity guidelines.  Our staff follows CDC Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines.

·       Midwifery Model of Care means more time with each Client; which supports Social Distancing.   We don’t double book visits every 5 minutes.  One Midwife per Clinic Day staggers Moms coming in and out of the Clinic; less congregating at the waiting room or entrances.

·       Birth Suites have their own ventilation (HVAC) control units.  Mom and the Midwife can moderate the temperature of the room on demand.

·       At the Birth Center, Babies never leave your side; they stay in the Birth Suite at all times.  We perform newborn screenings in front of you after Birth, at your home and in the Clinic.

·       We continue to hold Orientation, Community Room Mom’s Group & Childbirth Education Classes virtually to adhere to social distancing.  We will reevaluate this as State and local guidance changes.

·       We are open for Well-Woman Visits & Pre-Conception Consults.  Don’t put it off.  You are worth it.

Yours Truly,

Kayla Lawrance, CNM, DNP, Clinical Director               Kendra Wyatt, Co-Founder & Owner