Pregnancy in the Age of Coronavirus- A Letter to our Clients

We recognize the immense impact that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having on all of us and our community. As your Partner-in-Birth, your healthy pregnancy is our priority.  Below are a few of the steps that New Birth Company is taking to respond to Covid-19.
To protect the wellness of our pregnant Moms and babies, as well as our Staff, we are implementing the following starting March 16th, 2020.
Mom, Family & Visitor Screening First, when confirming your appointment, our team will be asking you Coronavirus screening questions. Second, we ask that you, family and friends stop at the Screening Station located at the door, before you enter the Clinic and Birth Center. We are prepared to triage our Moms outside the clinic if you or we identify a concern.  We are asking Visitors answering yes to these screening questions to leave the facility.
Children under 12 stay at home. We ask that pregnant or new Moms (bring your newborn) consider leaving their other small children at home if at all possible during your visits. This is an extraordinary time; please ask your Spouse, Partner, family and friends to help support your healthy pregnancy. We appreciate this may be a hardship and, in some cases, simply not possible. Thank you for trying.
Childbirth Classes As our Moms are healthy, at this time we will continue to hold our in-person childbirth classes.  We will screen participants prior to entry to the classes.
Enjoy your Pregnancy. Laugh. Take care of yourself emotionally as well as physically. We appreciate that pregnant Moms are bombarded with social media and unwanted advice from all corners of your life. Many moms may be experiencing new anxieties. It’s ok to acknowledge this. New Birth Company supports you, your healthy pregnancy decisions and preparation for your Incredible Birth Day. Women will continue to give Birth. We will walk this path with you and support you.
New Birth Company’s leadership is in communication with our referral Hospital, State and County Health Departments. We will continue to closely monitor the CDC guidance and have a plan in place to make sure the Birth Center is open to serve you. We will keep you updated at your visits, Facebook and our Web Site in the days to come.
Nothing is more important to us than protecting the health and safety of our Moms, Staff, and community.  We are grateful for your loyalty and appreciate the privilege to serve you.
With care and respect,
Kayla Lawrance, CNM, Clinical Director             Kendra Wyatt, Co-Founder, Owner