public announcement

Public Announcement

As of November 2016, New Birth Company is excited to share this public announcement: that we now have now partnered with Research Medical Center to accommodate the birth center hospital deliveries and coordination of care for our clients with our own midwives.

The relationship with Research Medical Center is brand new and we have been overwhelmed by the hospital staff and physician’s desire to partner with us as together we care for clients who desire a natural childbirth experience in the hospital. We are excited to work with Rebecca Wayman MD who will be serve as our Missouri sponsoring physician. The Research OB Hospitalists are available 24/6 to aide our midwives as needed while attending our clients in labor and delivery.

Our long-term relationship with University of Kansas Hospital has not changed. The KU physicians and team will continue to receive our birth center clients in transfer of care, co-management, or referral as needed. We are very excited that Kari Farris DO, is now employed at University of Kansas Hospital and will remain as our Number one referral at KU and serve as our Kansas collaborating physician. We love Dr. Farris.

We are excited to begin a new journey with Research Medical Center and grow with the University of Kansas Hospital. We continue to be delighted by what a great blessing our NBC is to our clients and our community, while we work towards changing the birth paradigm in our community.